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Company ARMAT is awarded with a certificate of excellence "Excellent SME Slovenia"

Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Coface Slovenia, one of the world's leading providers of credit information for the best medium, small and micro enterprises in recognition of excellent performance, has just awarded Company ARMAT with a certificate for business excellence "Excellent. more >>


At ARMAT, we have introduced the production of four standard carport roofs.
The basic guideline in the design of our carport roofs is protection from hail and other environmental influences.  A condition for implementation are the pre-prepared point foundations which enable a quick and simple installation and bolting of the entire carport roof. more
avtomobilski nadstreškiDescription and structure of carport roofs

Structure of the carport roofs:
- steel construction made of zinc-coated curved profiles,
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- wooden under-construction,
avtomobilski nadstrešek
- polycarbonate roof covering in different versions (transparent, opal white, tinted brown) or Armaterm SO roofing
avtomobilski nadstreškiCatalogues/Technical data

We produce standard carport roofs of steel construction made from zinc-coated curved profiles with polycarbonate roof coverings or the Armaterm SO roof covering and a wooden under-construction ... more

Armat d.o.o.
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