Carport roofs supported by columns

Stability and top quality

Carport roofs supported by four columns is the traditional, proven solution providing maximal stability and optimal parking space for one or more cars. The steel beams come in various lengths/dimensions, so the roof dimensions can easily be adapted to the actual terrain and space available.

The basic structure of the roof consists of galvanized profiles, while your roof can be designed in various ways:

  • polycarbonate roof panels,
  • sandwich roof panel,
  • corrugated metal sheets,
  • laminated toughened glass roof,
  • flat roof.

A condition for implementation are the pre-prepared point foundations so that the entire carport roof can be quickly and easily screwed together. The pointed foundation, required for the 4-pillar roofs, is a small-scale, easy construction procedure. The construction is also provided with appropriate drainage.

Key advantages:

  • excellent resistance against weather conditions
  • a wide variety of final solutions
  • superior stability and quality
  • stainless steel materials
  • turnkey solutions

Professional static calculation for your carport roof

As an additional option, you can choose zinc, powder or wet coating, enabling you to perfectly adapt the new roof to the existing colours of your house. 
A colour chart will be delivered to you by our on-site agents, or can be seen at our office. The RAL online colour scale can be found HERE.

(Attention! On-screen colours may differ from actual shades due to your screen settings, so consider the colours as an approximation only!)



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